domingo, 18 de marzo de 2018

Reflection, week 5.. A collaborative project

This week's task  was  about to start a collaborative project with our MOOC partners . S
etting a collaborative plan in such little time and finding peers with common interests was quite difficult but, at last, we found the way to set up a future Art Project with two partners, Tiziana Angiolini, from Italy and Shayne Train, from Canada and me, from Spain.

At first, we got in touch by Facebook  and later, we contacted by email and by videoconference using 

On the other hand, using the Google doc template provided, we started sharing ideas and building up the project. Finally we created a Google slide presentation on which we will continue working afterwards to carry out our project.

We will collaborate on an Arts-based project called" Arts helps us see connections"

From this experience I have learned to accept and exchange ideas and suggestions and adapt them to the project, always thinking of the common good. 
It was very enriching working in peers.  I have not only learned to collaborate in a group but I have also discovered new technological tools as well as other ideas have enhanced my view  of the project

Thanks to Shelly Terry for her support and help. We will be happy to send you the outcomes  of the project once it is done.

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