domingo, 11 de marzo de 2018


It  I was fun to recall  all the things that belongs to my survival school kit. Even after doing the interactive photo I remembered  a few things that I use in my daily school life such as my tea mug, my bottle of water and my toiletries stuff..

This survival kit is essential for me to deal with any unforeseen event that may happen in the classroom. More than once I have made use of these activities that I have as plan B to get out of the way to an internet crash for instance.

The other task of the week was creating a resource hub for parents in order to keep them aware of the drawbacks that surfing on the internet can suppose in a very early age and without  parental control.

With a simple guide we  can give them  an approach of the basics of privacy and how  to help children create a safe  digital footprint.

 I set up a web page with Google Sites called saftyonlinesurfers. It has a principal page with  basic tips collected in an ifographic  that I made with Canva and another  two pages: Social networking and Surfing safety on the web.

Involving parents in school life  is enriching, both for the school and for them, so we must take the first step in getting in touch  and giving them guidance to manage behavior, the use of new technologies or other issues that may arise  throughout the academic  course.

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