martes, 6 de marzo de 2018


It is a fact that the role of  technology in the current world and student population is leading us to big changes in our daily life  and school.  After analyzing the results of our t digital footprint task,  we can clearly say that technology plays a very important role in students’ lives from an early age. This is why educators  are introducing changes in their teaching process. Technology is highly valued by students out of the classroom so if we integrate it in  class, the learning environment will be meaningful for students and will grasp their attention and awake their motivation.

This week we have  made an approach to different digital theories: SAMR model; revised Bloom's revised taxonomy, RAT model,  Peeragogy, etc. All of them provide teachers with helpful  strategies to adapt our traditional lessons in order to help students gain new skills related to digital resources and a safety and conscious use of technology.

We were asked to create a mapmind of one of the different digital theories and I have chosen The SAMR MODEL because  in my opinion, it really helps educators to integrate technology into teaching step by step and  furthermore,  linking it to  Bloom's  revised taxonomy,  the outcome of  learning process  reaches higher levels of  achievement.

The other task was surveying our students about their digital footprint in order to better understand their digital activities. The results showed that   students are digitally active at a very early age; their online activity is somehow controlled by their parents and they are aware of the dangers on the internet and try to keep themselves safe.

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