domingo, 18 de marzo de 2018


How quickly  time passed by, and here we are, at the end  of this amazing mooc that I have enjoyed so much.

First of all, I have to thank Shelly and Fabiana for all the support and encouraging  messages and also for leading such a creative and fantastic mooc.

From the very begginnig I felt edger to do my tasks because I had a lot of fun learning and carrying them out.

My favorite assignments were creating a  learning mission for students and building my teacher survival kit. It was fun using some tools as or Canva.

The unit which helped me to grow the most was, without doubt, Effective technology integration. It gave me a deeper insight into renewed pedagogies connected with digital learning approaches.

Planning a collaborative project with peers was the most challenging part of the mooc because it not only depends on your work but it also depends on being connected with your partners and reaching  an agreement.

This course has helped me to have a critical thinking about teaching and to plan my classroom  tasks in a different way so that my students can be more  motivated and acquire a deep learning.

Thanks to everyone and hope seeing you on the social networks!!😘

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  1. Helping you and all the participants together with Shelly and all the EducaLab staff has been a blessing for me! Keep up with your hard work and enthusiasm! A real pleasure!