viernes, 2 de marzo de 2018

Reflection Unit 2. Make learning meaningful for students

Our task this week  basically consisted of  transforming a simple assignment into a mission challange in order to connect students own experiences to the learning contents and make it more meaningful, as well as creating a badge to  recognize their achievements  linked to the mission challenge.

I think that students get engaged with this type of projects  because they are connecting their assignments with real life, with tasks that help them think and  experience on their own,  developing this way  their self-learning.

Digital badges are  a valuable  supplement to the established assessment tools that recognize work that extends beyond a student's typical academic ability. In my designed mission, for instance, I will award badges to  all students that will be able to create a video- tutorial teaching a song with the recorder.

Creating my badge from scratch with Canva was a piece of cake compared  with issuing it to other peers in the Educalab Insignias platform where  I had some problems,  but finally I made it.
It was a great experience and a lot of fun!

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  1. This is fantastic idea! To give a badge to those students who are able to make a video tutorial is like an award, more than a grade, it goes beyond a letter and/or a number. Very engaging! Let us know how it goes!