martes, 13 de febrero de 2018



Today I've made my debut as a future goal minded teacher and my first goal was achieving different  challenges like:
  • Setting up  a blog as my personal portfolio on blogger 
  • Sharing with the Mooc comunity a goal minded tip on Twitter 
  • Pinpointing my location in a map
  • Introducing myself with a  image on twitter
Setting up my blog was a manageable  task due to my experience in  other courses and training technology workshops. During this course I'll create new spaces to share Ideas and resources with my peer group in order to get their useful feedback.

Using avatars and stickers to get to know each other or social networks to spread students work have lots of benefits when we use them in terms of motivating and improving learning skills.

I usually use a learning journal in class with my students when we work on different projects because I find it a good tool to motivate and provide ongoing feedback during their  formative assessment. 

Apart from creating avatars to introduce oneself I encourage my students to create presentations with Powtoon. This is my current year presentation:

To sum up, I'm happy with my first outcomes and I'm willing to improve them in the following weeks.
By the way, my name is Elaine, I live in Madrid (Spain) and  I'm a music teacher.

By for now!!

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  1. Neat, sweet and so nice to read you, Elaine! Keep your hard, fantastic work!👏👏It' s easier with music, isn' t it? 💗💖🎵🎶🎼

  2. Your class sounds like so much fun, Elaine! As a fellow arts teacher (visual) I would love to know what kinds of things your students record in their journals. I hope I checked the correct boxes below - I don't speak Spanish. :-o

  3. Awesome presentation and reflection, Elaine. Your classes must be really fun.